Kristin Morant

Policy Statement


Enrollment is assumed to be for the academic year, September through mid-June. The Annual Enrollment Fee is payable at the beginning of the academic year or at the start of study (whichever comes first). Should the student withdraw prior to the end of the academic year, pro-rated tuition will be refunded. Tuition is payable the first week of each quarter.

Tuition covers weekly private lessons, up to four performance classes per year and two recitals. Fees associated with competitions, testing or festival performances outside the Como Voice and Piano Studio are in addition to tuition. Music materials are in addition to tuition.

Lesson packages will be available for summer study. Students taking summer lessons will have priority when scheduling fall lessons.


Students are allowed two make-up lessons per academic year for lessons missed for whatever reason. Lessons missed beyond those two lessons are forfeited. Make up lessons will be scheduled on the assigned make up days (see calendar).

Lessons canceled by the instructor will be rescheduled at the convenience of the student.


Students are expected to bring all materials to their lessons, including their assignment book. They are expected to prepare for their lessons with regular practice.


Parents can expect students' interest to be inconsistent at times. Your commitment must remain consistent! If a student is going through a phase of less interest in lessons or practice, consider approaching their resistance as you would approach statements such as "I don't want to brush my teeth" or "I don’t want to go to bed." As a parent, your consistent support of practice and preparation will be critical to your student's growth.