Como Voice & Piano Como Voice & Piano Studio
Kristin Morant


What's included in tuition?

Performance Classes (up to 4 a year)

Opportunities for students to perform (from memory) for one another in a casual, low-stress environment. Performance skills and musicianship are the focus. All students are invited.

Two Recitals (winter and spring)

Invite friends and family to these wonderful presentations.
The spring recital will also include a condensed version of a beloved musical (a mini-musical)—a delightful experience for young and old.

One "Mini Musical"

A condensed version of a beloved musical--presented during the spring recital. An opportunity for both piano and voice students to stage a musical. Dancing, singing and acting are all included. A very short rehearsal period makes this a fun and easy way to enter the world of the stage.

Quarterly Rates (one lesson per week)

30-minute lessons: $240
45-minute lessons: $335
60-minute lessons: $435

Stand-alone Lesson Rates:

30-minute lesson: $30
45-minute lesson: $40
60-minute lesson: $50